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Hi! I’m Mary, and together with my husband John, we’re Not Just Frames! We are so happy that you have taken the time to stop by and check out our website! We wanted to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about who we are.

We are a married couple who is in the empty nesting stage of our lives. Our children are all on their own paths and all going in different directions. We love our families and are enjoying watching where their lives are taking them.

I started refurbishing furniture in 2017’ish. My husband and I worked different shifts and I was looking for something to do to help with being separated so often. I got into the refurbishing furniture stage. It was fun, I enjoyed it and learned that I had some creativity. ? Not too long into my hobby my husband and I began to collaborate on projects and we enjoyed doing those things together.

For Christmas of 2017 my husband had bought me a Cricut which turned my crafts into a new direction. I fell in love with all the new things I could create. Signs being one of them! The only problem was I didn’t use any power tools (no one wanted me to even attempt that) so I couldn’t make the sign blanks that I needed. So signs kind of took a back seat .

Then early in 2018 our lives changed, we moved from Illinois to Pennsylvania. It was a whole life change for sure! We are loving it and doing really well, we now are on somewhat of the same schedule which allows us time to be together, that is a huge bonus!

When we arrived I thought I would pick up where I left off in crafting however the market was saturated and the East Coast market/style is different then the Midwest. I began concentrating on T-Shirts, smaller crafts and signs. I still had the problem of not having sign blanks. I found a FB page which sold sign blanks and decided to order some to see how they would work and what I could do with them. I was lucky and was able to get some, the site has quite a few members and crafters bought up the available inventory quickly!

When I got them I really liked how easy it was to complete a finished product now that I had the sign part ready to go. I showed my husband and he, being the awesome builder that he is (he has built some amazing decks!) said I can build that. So that was all I needed to hear and we were off to the races. We really enjoy working together, we make a great team! We decided to take it a step further and wondered if we could bring our frame blanks to other crafters. We decided to give it a try because worst case scenario is that whatever we built and didn’t sell I could use for my own signs. So we have made them and so far they have sold! We are super excited. We love that we are able to bring things that we make with our hands to other’s homes. That is where our “from our hands to your home” comes in.

We are excited to see where this hobby of ours can go. We are always open to new sizes, designs, colors, etc. whatever options people may want/need we will do what we can to bring it to you, from our hands to your home. If you need or want something personalized or custom made, don’t hesitate to contact us and get started!

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