As we are a small just starting out a business we get super-excited and anxious (at least I do lol) when a customer receives their order … we hope that they can see the love and care that went into it. And we hope for 100% satisfaction, as that is what we strive for. This order should arrive today and we hope they love it and have much success with whatever they create. Happy Crafting.

We definitely want to be a hands on, responsive company! What are somethings that you look for in choosing who you buy your supplies from? Do you always look for the cheapest? Is quality important to you? Do you want a vendor to follow up with you to ensure you are completely happy with your purchase? What are some things that keep you coming back to a company and what are some things that keep you away?

We would love to hear from you! The good experiences and the bad ones too! We always want to be the best for you! Anyone who sends us an email about what they look for will be entered into a drawing! Prize to be determined but it will be worth it!