•  It takes anywhere from four to six months of Friday knitting sessions (depending on whether it's nine months of winter in the Northwoods of Wisconsin or three months of summer) to finish a sweater, and the final day when the buttons are sewn in place is always exciting.  The end of a long project means that the fun of choosing colors for the next sweater will soon begin!
  • There is not much of a story behind the vessels.  One of the younger gals in John's Mother's fiber arts group made some and we all loved them and so she taught a class showing us her tricks. They work as vases for live flowers if a slender tubular glass vase is inserted in them, and for silk flowers just as they are. Some shapes are good as a hostess gift filled with nuts or small candies.  I've made one for myself to hold the four TV tuners required here if one wants to watch television.  And then of course there's the possibility of sending a monetary gift or gift card and wanting something other than an envelope to hold the gift!  
  • John’s Mother makes cards too—she calls them Lady Cards.  Six different lady faces are printed on high quality card stock and then John’s Mom upends her entire house collecting little bits of fabric and ribbon and sparkly stuff to make hats for the poor unadorned ladies.  It would be a catastrophe if two ladies ever showed up in the same hat, so no two are ever alike!  
  • The origin of bento can be traced back to the late Kamakura period (1185 to 1333), when cooked and dried rice called hoshi-ii (糒 or 干し飯, literally "dried meal") was developed, to be carried to work. Hoshi-ii can be eaten as is or boiled with water to make cooked rice, and is stored in a small bag.
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  • XOXO I love You
    These handmade sign blanks will add a perfect touch to your home, shop or craft show! These mini’s measure 4.5 x 4.5 (overall). You have the choice of our standard backing or chalkboard. Please note these can be bought as a set of 12 only!  Below, for each frame choose the color and backing (white or chalkboard).
  • Pencil Blank
  • Getting Ready Handcrafted
    These handmade sign blanks will add a perfect touch to your home, shop or craft show!  Just add your favorite saying or word of encouragement, wisdom and you have the perfect piece.  Each sign blank is cut, sanded and stained before we ship it off to you. Please note you save $$$ when ordering the set of 3. Contact us for orders of 10 or more of one size.
  • Chalkboard

    Frame-less Insert

    Frame-less Insert