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Family Stick Figure Cut Outs

Family Stick Figure Cut Outs

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Handmade in U.S.A.

This set can be customized for your unique family make up!  These were inspired and pair well with Together We Make A Family transfer.   Original package choice is a group of (5).  **PLEASE NOTE: you get FIVE (5) for $6.99.   

Additional add on's can be purchased as well.  YOU MUST PURCHASE THE ADD ON PACK to get additional people. (Please note add on's can ONLY be purchased if the original set is purchased as well).

Each piece is laser cut out of 1/4" ply.  

All finished items are inspiration only.  Items arrive bare and ready for your creativity.  Each piece will have a dark edge.  

Thank you to Brenda @Creek House Charm for her inspiration piece!  Be sure to check our her FB page for more awesome pieces!

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