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Pom Pom Animals Kit

Pom Pom Animals Kit

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Handmade in U.S.A.

Oh my gosh!  The cuteness these little guys bring is amazing!  You will receive one large and one small of each animal.  The pom's will be randomly selected.  I can't wait to see more of these cute guys!  

All finished items are inspiration only.  Items arrive bare and ready for your creativity.  Each piece will have a dark edge.  

Spend $15 and get complimentary shipping.

Add your creativity to the pieces.   
Fluff your pom pom's.  I find using a hairdryer is helpful!  Once you find the best way the pom will sit.  Create a "part" with the edge of scissors or a comb.  This will help in placement of your headpiece.  

Take jute or string of your choice and put through the ear holes.  Place the pom in the middle of the string.  Bring the string ends together and tie tightly, cutting off excess sting.  Tip is to place the ears in the middle of your legs to hold in place.  Please do not remove a snap or any other piece on the pom whereas they will fall apart. 
Once you have securely fastened them together take your hot glue gun and glue the ears in place on the top of their head. 
Using the hot glue gun again glue the nose/teeth piece as well as the feet.  The feet are very helpful as far as stability goes.  
Voila!  You have a super cute decor piece!


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