A Froggy Hello with Paula's Studio

A Froggy Hello with Paula's Studio

Today Paula is sharing her first project with you as an affiliate for us.  We are excited to share her talent with you!

Hi friends!

Today I am sharing my first project with you as an affiliate.  I chose this adorable frog which goes perfectly with my summer.

I have so many frogs and toads in my garden and I love it when I find them. For summer, I love bright, bold, and sometimes neon colors. 

The kits are pretty easy to put together and personalize how you would like. I love these laser cut pieces because the end result always looks clean and crisp. This particular one has many pieces as each other shown is a different piece. It's fun to piece it altogether. 
I pull out all the pieces and start to choose colors. I know there will be pink. I pick out a handful of colors that I enjoy for summer. 
I know I won't use them all but it's a starting point. Originally I thought I would do the flowers in different colors but I ended up using this dark purple-ish color that I really like. 

I knew it would go really nice with a green frog. 

These are the colors I chose. The black for the eyes was colored with an alcohol marker. I did paint each piece with white gesso (you can use white paint) before I added color. I don't always do that but when I am using light colors or I really want the colors to stand out the best they can, I find that a primer is best on the wood.

As you can see, I just use what I have. I have a mix of finishes and brands. I am big on using things I have and making them work. Really you cannot tell there are different finishes. The "Top Notch" brand is a Joann's brand. I do love the colors they carry but I feel like I have to use about 3 coats to get a good finish with them and that does annoy me.

After I painted all the pieces, it was time to glue. I prefer Titebond for all my wood gluing, it never has failed me. 

I don't have any wood clamps in my studio and I'm too lazy to go down the garage to grab some so I use my paperweight to hold the pieces while the glue sets. I collect fun paperweights and use them all the time in my studio. 

Once they are all glued in, I let it dry overnight. I attach a string loop to hang with some hot glue. For this piece, I didn't want to add any additional ribbon or greenery which is popular. I love this design so much that I didn't want to add anything to it. 


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