Easy and Fun SCRABBLE Tile Craft Project

Easy and Fun SCRABBLE Tile Craft Project


Our Scrabble Tiles - measuring approximately 4” x 4”- come in a set of 25 tiles ready to stain, paint and decorate, and there are so many things you can do with them!

History of SCRABBLE

According to Hasbro, the game SCRABBLE was developed by Alfred M. Butts (an out-of-work architect from Poughkeepsie, NY) in 1933. The game was originally called LEXIKO, then CRISS CROSS WORDS, and eventually SCRABBLE. Today, SCRABBLE is sold in 121 countries and 30 different languages. Approximately one-third of American homes have a scrabble game.

SCRABBLE Tiles for Crafting

Our SCRABBLE Tiles make it possible to take this fun word game and utilize it in your crafting and decorating. Plus, so much more. Truthfully, the possibilities are only limited by your creativity! Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

  • Create SCRABBLE tiles (see instructions below) with letters and numeric values to make words. Then, crisscross them to look like a completed SCRABBLE board. For example, we used “family” and “love.” You could also create other words that have meaning to you, such as “laugh,” “love,” and “enjoy,” or your family name intertwined with everyone’s first name. Just make sure you map out the placement of the letters first.
  • Create tiles with letters (with or without the numbers) that spell out the name of a recent vacation destination. Then mount the tiles above a few of your favorite photos from that vacation.
  • Create the word “FAMILY” with the tiles and mount them above a group of family photos.
  • Create a word that has meaning to you – perhaps “serendipity” or “Blessed” - and mount the tiles on a board to hang on the wall or set on a shelf.
  • Paint the colors of the tiles to match your child’s bedroom decor and add letters that spell out your child’s name to hang in their bedroom.

Scrabble Tile Project

As we said earlier, there are so many things you can do with our 4” x 4” SCRABBLE Tiles, but the obvious choice is, of course, is SCRABBLE tiles. So here is how to create SCRABBLE Tiles for beautiful home décor.


Scrabble TilesScrabble

STEP 1: Create the templates or patterns for the tiles on your computer and print them out. We found that size 350 font works for most letters and 150 for the numbers. The “M” didn’t quite fit on the tile, so we made the font size 275. We used Calibri font, but you could download the font on real SCRABBLE tile – interstate bold. You will need to reverse or mirror the letters and numbers. Here’s how.


STEP 2: Gather your supplies – the tiles, the templates (NOTE: the letters should be reversed as explained above), scissors, scotch tape, pencil, black paint, paintbrush, and ruler (optional).

Scrabble Tiles Easy Way

STEP 3: To make it more manageable, cut out each letter, leaving some room around it. Center it on the tile with the printed side facing the tile. We eye-balled it for the most part, but you can use a ruler. FYI – On actual SCRABBLE tiles, the letters are centered. We wanted the letters to be larger so not all are centered. Tape the paper to the tile.

STEP 4: Using a thick pen (we used a fat sharpy), rub over the paper where the letters are. This will miraculously transfer the image to the tile. It still worked a day or two after we had printed the letters.

STEP 5: Remove the paper and paint the letters and numbers with black paint. Once the paint has completely dried (preferably overnight), spray them with a sealer.

STEP 6: Arrange the tiles on the wall. We used two removable tape squares, which seemed to work very well. NOTE: We liked the natural look of the wood because 1) it looks like real SCRABBLE tile, and 2) we liked how it looked against our red wall). But you can also stain or paint the tiles first.


 We hope this easy project gets you thinking about other ways to use our SCRABBLE Tiles. Enjoy!

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