Kicking off Christmas in July

Kicking off Christmas in July

Hi Friends!  I am kicking off Christmas in July!

Christmas in July is really a campground holiday as many families gather for family reunions and fun during this time and has evolved to celebrate Christmas now instead of in the winter when it is harder to travel. However, many crafters start working on their inventory for their upcoming holiday events and suppliers start rolling out special sales this month. I will be working on some of that but I won't actually be sharing all of it because I like to keep some things secret until my annual sale closer to the holiday. 

Yesterday and today I painted these beautiful primitive and farmhouse ornaments by Not Just Frames

They are not all one set. 

I started off as usual laying all the pieces out on my table to make sure I had them all and I understood where each piece goes. There are a lot of pieces with these spindle ornaments but that are so easy to figure out where each one belongs. 

I knew I wanted to use stain on the back ground of some of these. Although it is a nice day today, I didn't feel like going outside to use stain. I have what I call "indoor stain" as I found this product that can stain wood, has no odor, and is non-toxic. It comes in 4 shades and is perfect for small projects like this.

It is thick like acrylic paint so I prefer to apply it by glopping it on with a wet brush and wiping the excess off.

I wouldn't do furniture with this but it works really great for crafts. 

Here are the four colors, left to right: cherry, walnut, oak, and maple. I continue by keeping all the teeny bits on my tray while I painted each one.

I always feel that chalk paint is what goes with farmhouse and primitive pieces so I used mostly that. 


I decided that I didn't like the cherry stain as the background for stocking so I added chalk paint in a white to it and it brought up some of the cherry stain and turned pink. 

It was not what I had planned in my head but I ended up liking the end result as it looked better with the red stocking than the cherry stain. 


I glued ALL the pieces.

I did some light sanding on all the finished pieces to scuff them up just a little. I then added twine for hanging.


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