Uncle Sam's Firework Co. DIY Kit

Uncle Sam's Firework Co. DIY Kit

Hi Friends!  Paula's Studio Here.

Today I have painted this patriotic kit from Not Just Frames. 

You can purchase this kit here ===> Uncle Sam's Firework Co.

First thing I do when I open a kit is lay it out. I do this to not only check to make sure everything is there and stuck in packaging or on the floor but I can see it all together, understand the pieces so I'm not confused and then finally, it helps me plan the colors. 

Then I put the small pieces in a tray so that I reduce the chances of me losing anything.

Some pieces are tiny like the dots on letters and punctuation. Don't skip the tray!

So for the colors, I know I want red, white, and blue behind the fireworks panels to the sparklers are all three colors. I know I want that panel to be a dark blue to represent a dark sky but still keep it patriotic. I know I want the background behind the truck to be a light blue for daytime sky. I know I do not want the truck to be red. Although a red truck still falls in the patriotic color scheme, I'm really over the red truck trend and never understood why most of them are red. 

 Once I know what color I want where, I have to plan the other pieces. I still need some red so that will be the center and the lettering will be white because that will stand out the best in my head. I will figure the smaller details as I go. 

I mark off the area with a pencil so I know the firework area. I paint red, white, and blue sort of randomly. 

I paint the rest of the pieces as I had planned. I have found that enjoy use paint markers and sometimes alcohol markers on the smaller pieces rather than paint with a brush. 

Once all pieces are painted, time to glue and use weights or clamps to make sure the pieces lay flat and adhere well. 

I glued a loop of patriotic ribbon for the hanger and done!


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