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Imperfect Wood Rounds (set of 6)

Imperfect Wood Rounds (set of 6)

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Handmade in U.S.A.

These (1/4") imperfect wood rounds can still be used to make beautiful pieces.  They may have larger filler spots on the back.  They could have smaller blemishes on either side. 

Some may be better suited for painting than staining.  But either way they are still good pieces with some imperfections that can be hidden (by decoration or creativity) or showed off!  

Pictures shown are just a few examples of what they look like.  Most of the imperfections are on the back but the front could have slight imperfections as well.  Your rounds will vary.

The terms we love to use are Imperfectly Perfect or Rustically Natural!  

These will only be sold as ready to go - quantity's will be updated as we have sets available.  

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