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Not Just Frames

Misc Laser Shapes

Misc Laser Shapes

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Handmade in U.S.A.

Items in this section are items that have been requested as custom items.  If there are items you would like to see added, or if you would like a different size please send a message to and we would be happy to discuss adding those items! 

Each piece is lasered out of 1/4" ply.  

Some items are scored.

Please read the description to understand the total number you will receive.    

Pieces may have a "campfire" smell which will go away.

Apples (set of 5), Beach Ball (set of 5),Bee (set of 5), Honey Pot (set of 5), Ladder (set of 3), Lemon (set of 5), *Circle w/magnets (set of 5), 4x4 frames (set of 4), Watermelon Slice (set of 5), Popsicle (set of 6), Halloween shapes (3) of each piece, Hello Autumn Leaves (20 pieces), Coffee Cups 5" - (set of 5) - Graduation Trio (one of each shape)

*Thank you @flutterbroscreations for your dishwasher magnet finished pieces!

*Thank you @West2EastDesigns for your finished lemon and bee pieces! 

*Thank you @Mangogyrldesigns for your finished 4x4 frames! 

*Thank you @thecreativellama for your super cute Mason Jar creation using the Autumn Leaves!



Each lasered cut out, unless otherwise specified, is lasered out of 1/4" natural birch. 

Each piece will have a dark edge.  

All finished items are inspiration only.  Items arrive bare and ready for your creativity.  

Our Process + Shipping

Enjoy $5 flat rate shipping on all orders (USA only)! - Custom orders excluded.

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