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Not Just Frames

Wood Plaque (pack of 3)

Wood Plaque (pack of 3)

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Handmade in U.S.A.

These unfinished wood plaques pair well with the popular silk transfer shown below or add your own inspiration!

They measure 15.9" x 5.4".  You have a choice of 5/32" or 1/4" material.  

Candy Set is an add on only.  The candy set includes two candy canes 3 5/8", one intertwined candy cane (scored) 4" x 3.75" and three candy mints.  

As of 09/2022 all items will be lasered out of either 5/32" Maple Ply or 1/4" Natural Birch. 

Thank you to Cassandra @ChalkinCottage  for her inspiration piece!  We absolutely LOVE it! 

All finished items are inspiration only.  Items arrive bare and ready for your creativity.  Each piece will have a dark edge.   

Our Process + Shipping

As of 01/2023 we are offering freight-included pricing with a minimum cart of $15. Any carts valued under $15 will have a $5 shipping charge automatically added.

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